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The sustainable solution

Each business card can be used up to 100,000 times

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The faces behind eazycard

Nick Sijmens | Co-founder eazycard

36 years | Lives in Indonesie, Bali | Love long beach walks with our dog Zoey

Arjan & Nick started eazycard because they were looking for a sustainable alternative for their own business cards. Unfortunately, they always ended up with paper or plastic business cards, which they are not a fan of. After some research and trying they have developed the “eazycard”. eazycard consists of two layers of wood containing an NFC chip, this chip can be used up to 100,000 times, so you can imagine how many paper cards end up in the garbage dump. In addition to the sustainable aspect of the eazycard, there is also convenience. With a simple tap you can put all contact details on your phone, no more typing from a paper card. All in all a win-win situation.

Arjan Drost | Co-founder eazycard

39 year | Lives in the beautiful city Haarlem in the Nederlands | Love good food and social events

What have we achieved so far

companies use the eazycard

eazycards are now in circulation

paper business cards have already been saved

Why eazycard

Share contact information quickly and securely. It is simple, durable, cost effective and modern. Should there be a change in the details, this can be easily updated without having to order new paper business cards.

What are the benefits?


  • Show your connections that you are sustainable through a wooden business card
  • You are not helping to create more waste when using paper business cards
  • The eazycard can be transferred from one employee to another. This saves throwing away cards and ordering new ones
  • The business card can be used up to 100,000 times
  • A uniform appearance for all your employees
  • It is possible to have your logo or anything else engraved on the eazycard
  • The personalized page can be completely made in your own corporate identity

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