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Cherry wood eazycard

  • Includes engraved logo on the eazycard
  • Including 1 year of detail adjustments
  • Digital business card in your own corporate style
  • Made from cherry wood, therefore, more durable than paper
  • Can be used 100,000 times

As soon as the order has been placed, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting your logo, and wishes for your personalized page. As soon as the details has been received, we will immediately get to work to prepare everything!

 39,95 ex vat

In stock

Why eazycard?

Share contact information quickly and securely. It is simple, durable, cost effective and modern. Should there be a change in the details, this can be easily updated without having to order new business cards.

What are the benefits?


  • Show your connections that you are sustainable through a wooden business card
  • You are not helping to create more waste when using paper business cards
  • The eazycard can be transferred from one employee to another. This saves throwing away cards and ordering new ones
  • The business card can be used up to 100,000 times
  • A uniform appearance for all your employees
  • It is possible to have your logo or anything else engraved on the eazycard
  • The personalized page can be completely made in your own corporate identity

What our customers saying

Semco Style Institute

Making connections and building relationships worldwide in a sustainable way, that’s what we believe in. Eazycard fits perfectly with our values and also looks very cool and unique. In this way, business cards are definitely worth your while!


We were looking for an alternative to paper business cards and came across eazycard. What a simple and cool product. We are no longer use paper business cards!

Plastic Soup Foundation

As Plastic Soup Foundation, we fully support the Eazycard. Perfect for a company! Has someone changed their position/telephone number? You can easily adjust this online so that you only have to purchase the Eazycard once per person. Less plastic and zero waste.