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How does the eazycard work?

All your contact details are safe on your eazycard and sharing is quick and easy. Eazycard is equipped with a chip that is connected to a unique code, touch a phone with the eazycard and click on the link. Fun, fast and easy! Your details can now be saved on the phone in the contacts. It can hardly be simpler.

  1. Tap the eazycard on your phone
  2. Click on the link that appears
  3. View your contact’s personalized page
  4. Save the contact details with a simple push on the button


Our bestseller!

Mahogany wood eazycard

 39,95 ex vat

  • Includes engraved logo on the eazycard
  • Including 1 year of detail adjustments
  • Digital business card in your own corporate style
  • Made from mahogany wood, therefore, more durable than paper
  • Can be used 100,000 times

As soon as the order has been placed, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting your logo, and wishes for your personalized page. As soon as the details has been received, we will immediately get to work to prepare everything!

In stock

What our customers saying

Semco Style Institute

Making connections and building relationships worldwide in a sustainable way, that’s what we believe in. Eazycard fits perfectly with our values and also looks very cool and unique. In this way, business cards are definitely worth your while!


We were looking for an alternative to paper business cards and came across eazycard. What a simple and cool product. We are no longer use paper business cards!

Plastic Soup Foundation

As Plastic Soup Foundation, we fully support the Eazycard. Perfect for a company! Has someone changed their position/telephone number? You can easily adjust this online so that you only have to purchase the Eazycard once per person. Less plastic and zero waste.

Are you looking for business cards for your entire team?

Share contact information quickly and securely. It is simple, durable, cost effective and modern. Should there be a change in the details, this can be easily updated without having to order new paper business cards.

Frequently asked Questions

Which technique is used in the eazycard?

We use NFC technology for our business cards. The card consists of two layers of wood containing a round NFC chip that is placed in the middle of the card

What can I use the eazycard for?

The eazycard can be used to make connections with potential customers as a business card, but can also be used as a marketing tool in your restaurant or hotel. The NFC technology we use + the personalized page we create for our customers can be used for multiple purposes.

Is it safe to use this technique?

We use the latest AVG legislation and regulations that apply in Europe. Every business card has a unique random code containing numbers, capital letters, etc. as a URL, so this is almost impossible to find out. We never use the names of our customers in the URLs.

How can I order the eazycard?

Great that you are looking for a sustainable solution for your business card(s). You can order up to 5 business tickets via our webshop. If you want multiple business cards, have a look at  “Business

How can I change the details on the eazycard?

We are busy creating a dashboard for our customers in which they can adjust the details themselves. For now you can send an email to info@eazycard.nl with changes, we will implement them within 24 hours.

Are there any monthly costs involved?

Very simple, NO! There are no monthly costs with the eazycard.

Which phones are suitable for this technology?

This applies to almost all models from 2017. Before 2017, it was often not yet possible to buy a smartphone with an NFC chip, although this also differs per brand. Below is an overview of the most well-known smartphone brands, equipped with an NFC chip:

Apple: from iPhone 6. Only Apple Pay is possible with the iPhone 6 models. From iPhone 7 and higher standard in NFC chip.

Samsung: all models from 2016 (Samsung Galaxy A3, Core 2 J5, J7 and many other models).

Huawei: NFC is present on several models released in 2014 or later. This applies in any case to the Honor 6 (2014), Huawei Mate 8 and 9, from the P10 and higher, etc. Please note: certain series (Y) are not equipped with an NFC chip. This also applies to a number of other cheaper models.

Nokia: from Nokia 3 an NFC chip is available. These are all models released in 2017 or later.

Sony: many Sony smartphones are equipped with NFC chip. This applies in any case to the models from 2015 and higher.

There are many more smartphone brands on the market. Which smartphones have an NFC chip? Not sure if the model of your choice has NFC? Look closely at the specifications. This is always in the description. Otherwise you can also contact the seller. They can tell you more about the presence of this chip.

Can I have a logo and/or name engraved on the eazycard?

This is certainly possible and will really make a difference in the appearance of your business card. We do not recommend putting a name on the business card. This purely and only if someone leaves your organization, it is more difficult to pass on to a new colleague because it has a specific name on it.

How often can I request detail changes?

As many times as you want! Nothing is too crazy for us.

I have another question, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via email on info@eazycard.nl or call us on: +31722038037 We are also reachable on Whatsapp via: +31722038037

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